SUBLUE underwater scooter and underwater thrusters

Sublue is the world leader in compact size underwater scooters. By creating water scooters with two propellers and engines, underwater propellers have seen their size and weight greatly reduced and now it is a product that can be used by children, women and men of all sizes. Sublue has invented the underwater scooter which can be used in swimming pools, in the sea, in lakes and rivers.


SUBLUE was awarded at ASIA CES 2018 and LAS VEGAS CES 2019 for its underwater scooters which are now available in France and throughout Europe. The small size of the underwater scooters as well as the capacity of the removable and rechargeable battery allow you to take it with you to the beach, pool or boat. Its battery is allowed in airplanes, so you can enjoy your vacations at sea with your scooter.

Underwater scooter sublue Whiteshark Tini

Sublue innovates every year with its underwater scooters. In 2021, the modular Whiteshark Tini underwater scooter revolutionized the world of aquatic propulsion. There is no more modular than this. The Tini alone is already powerful and is enough for everyone, especially for snorkeling with fins, masks and snorkels. To be used with or without a float. The more sporty can combine two Tini scooters to have incredible power and speed underwater. Gliding sensations guaranteed. For those who can't swim underwater like the youngest children, but also people who are afraid of water or have motor problems, the Tini can be transformed into a motorized swimming board to stay on the surface.  What a pleasure to move on the surface of the water without having to force it and have fun.

Small underwater scooters are popular with boat owners. With their compact size and affordable prices, sea scooters are the perfect complement for boat trips. They don't take up much space compared to the older generation models that were only intended for scuba diving with all the necessary equipment.  Imagine yourself at anchor with beautiful bottoms and crystal clear water and with one or more scooters all the passengers on the boat can explore the surroundings safely and without getting tired. Underwater scooters allow you to stay underwater for longer and admire more difficult to access scenery, but you don't need to go several meters deep to get the most out of it. 

A game for everyone.

With an underwater Jet Ski you will have fun, whatever the model offered by Sublue. All of our scooters are suitable for most people who can swim. 
The Whiteshark mix is the first twin-engine underwater scooter, giving it a small size but surprising power and speed. With its removable float it will suit all types and ages: children, sporty women and men or not. The Mix Pro is an evolution of the Whiteshark Mix by offering two speeds and a fast battery charger (less than 2 hours). 
With the Navbow, sublue has struck a big blow with this high-end scooter that combines autonomy, power, speed and a unique design. It's the fastest scooter of its kind and it's very maneuverable, can be used with one hand and can go down to a depth of 40m. With its onboard blutooth technology you will be able to manage your scooter from your smartphone. 
The range of aquatic products doesn't stop there, Sublue has developed the SWII electric swim board, a connected board that will help youngsters to swim and be comfortable in the water. Its propulsion system located under the board makes it possible to move quickly on the surface of the water. 

Underwater scooter Navbow and the swwi electric board

All Lithium batteries can be changed in seconds on each scooter, buying a second battery is a great way to make the fun last and enjoy it to the fullest. All sublue marine thrusters are equipped with support for one or more sport and action cameras like the Gopro.  You can also film your scuba dives with your phone and a waterproof smartphone case of course. Available in several colors, our electric scooters have a wide range of accessories that will be useful for underwater photography or video. The delivery is free in colissimo for the purchase of an underwater explorer.