The smallest underwater scooter in the world

Particularly powerful thanks to the double propellers installed.

Battery compartment secured against water with removable high performance battery.

The first underwater scooter to carry in your carry-on.

SUBLUE has been awarded at ASIA CES 2018 and LAS VEGAS CES 2019 for its miniature submarine scooters which are now available in Europe. The small size of the underwater scooters as well as the capacity of the removable and rechargeable battery allows you to consider taking it with you worldwide in your cabin baggage. The increasing power of acceleration gives freedom to the WhiteShark Mix underwater scooter to be used by all members of the family. Perfectly adapted to the morphology of a child but also to that of adults (woman or man).

The SUBLUE WhiteShark Mix underwater scooter can be used at the beach or in the pool. Water scooter for children, underwater scooter for child easy to put on your boat, offering children fun water games.

Sublue WhiteShark Mix is ​​the perfect companion for your underwater trips, snorkeling or scuba diving.

The WhiteShark Mix model from the Sublue range also has a GoPro-type onboard camera mount, making it easy to shoot underwater with ease.


Maneuverability and ergonomics.


The 2 start buttons positioned ideally make it very handy for children and adults. Its hood provides access to the removable battery compartment for easy recharging.


Underwater Scooter Uses Sublue WhiteShark Mix


Use swimming pool, beach, snorkeling. Yachting, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.

Visionary design for an aquatic adventure.


The Sublue WhiteShark Mix underwater scooter is a real water scooter that takes the main features of sports models, so its reliability and safety will not fail you.




- From 6 years old
- Autonomy 30 Minutes
- Battery 11.1 V / 11 AH - 122.1 Wh
- increasing speeds
- Weight 3.8 kg
- Maximum depth 40 meters
- Speed ​​5.4 km / h
- Warranty 2 years parts and labor (see general conditions)
- Powered by a removable 11.1V battery
- Rechargeable easily on supplied charger.
- Removable float.
- special protection grid
- Ergonomic handle

Supplied accessories:

- Charger for 220V battery
- Floater
- security cordon
- transport bag
- Onboard camera support (GoPro type)
- Instructions for use