WhiteShark Mix

Dual-propellers allow for both power and balance
Powerful and Portable

Ideal for Swimming,Snorkeling and Diving

Try you band at underwater ballet or any trick can imagine
Enough power for everyone

Safe and Reliable

Both propellers are equipped with safety guards to prevent finger injury
Low voltage design makes safer with a lower impact to marine life

Dimensions 465 x 230 x 230 mm
Weight 3,7 Kg
Max speed 5,4 Km/h
Acceleration crescendo
Max depth 40m
Operating time 25 mn
Sound level 70 db
Loading time 4h
Float 605 g
Add-on GoPro
Guarantee 1 an pour le scooter et 6 mois pour la batterie.
Battery weight 0,890 Kg
Age +8