Air transport :


Air regulations for the transport of external batteries are strict but applied unequally according to airports and countries. As a general rule you will only be allowed to carry your Lithium battery in the cabin of the aircraft. Li-ion batteries are forbidden in the hold because of the risk of leaks.

In the cabin it is recommended to carry them in a plastic bag or in its original packaging. In the cabin only lithium batteries with a capacity of less than 32000mAh / 5V * (> 100 Wh and ≤ 160 Wh) are permitted.

The number of batteries is limited to 2 if your additional batteries have a capacity between 20,000 mAh and 32,000 mAh.

The sublue battery has a capacity of 11,000 mAh - 11.1V, or 122.1 Wh.

You can carry up to two batteries per passenger without prior notice.

Contact your airline for any checks before your trip.

Daily maintenance:

After each use in seawater, it is essential to desalinate the scooter by cleaning it with fresh water.

The sensitive points are the contacts of the battery and the propellers.

The battery and scooter are perfectly waterproof, so you can ideally immerse the scooter in a fresh water tank after each use for several minutes by running it repeatedly. This method will desalinate the axis of rotation of the propellers. But for optimal cleaning, it is best to remove the propeller block and rinse thoroughly under soft water. You will remove the same salty particles, sand and other elements (algae, hair, etc ...)

For intensive use of your scooter (several times a day), it is advisable to use a lubricant regularly, see video below)

For wintering:

Charge the battery every 2 months or so to maintain its longevity and efficiency.

Lubricate the propellers and rotor as described in the video below.

Keep in a dry and ventilated place (ideally, out of the boat to avoid the salt environment)

Corrosion is the enemy of electronics, special care must be taken to maintain the warranty of the scooter. No guarantee can be applied if the scooter is corroded (example: battery with greenish deposit, propeller impossible to remove from the engine block, propeller impossible to turn either manually or electrically, sand or deposit in the propellers, etc.)